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At Navstar we combine twenty years of experience with excellent connections within retail and e-commerce. For your brand we determine an introduction strategy that fits the product you offer and the audience you want to serve with it.

Contacts at major retailers

Do you want a place on the shelves of Media Markt, Gamma or BCC? Appear in the webshops of or Coolblue? Or are you looking more in the corner of the specialty stores and specialized webshops? We have contacts with large and small players in retail and ensure that your products are prominently presented with attractive signage.

Value added distributor who thinks along conceptually

Because we only work with brands we believe in, retailers know they can only find high-quality products with us. We do more than just distribution: we add value through our excellent track record and expertise. For brands, but certainly also for retailers. And the standard term "value added distributor" doesn't suit us, at least that's not where it stops. We like to think further in terms of concepts together with brands and retailers in order to create the right experience in the store and with the consumer.

  • You have a strong brand. You have the perfect product. All you need now are customers.

    To reach those customers, Navstar ensures that your products are on retailers' shelves. Based on years of relationships, numerous retailers and buying organizations blindly trust that a product offered through us is of high quality and delivers on its promises. Your brand benefits from that trust.

  • Your product is going to make the lives of consumers easier, more comfortable and more fun.

    But for that, it has to stand out on store shelves. And stand out well in the webshops. Navstar can help you with that. With a good concept and a smart store presentation.

  • Consumers are buying more and more online. Especially when it comes to smart home products.

    That's why Navstar not only ensures that your products can be found on the shelves of the big retail chains, but also in webshops. The internet giants, but also the niche players. In addition, we can make your brand appear at the top of the search results through clever SEO and perfectly configured advertising.

  • Offering your products through a loyalty program means: tapping into a whole new target group and building your brand in a different way than you are used to. In many cases this provides a boost in sales. Navstar has close contacts with various providers of loyalty programs and can introduce your brand on the platform that suits you.

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