Your brand in the
limelight online

Consumers are buying more and more online.

Especially when it comes to smart home products. That is why Navstar not only ensures that your products can be found on the shelves of the major retail chains, but also in webshops. The internet giants, but also the niche players. In addition, we can make your brand appear at the top of the search results through clever SEO and perfectly configured advertising.

  • Show what you stand for

    Successful marketing begins with a sophisticated concept and good product positioning. Who is your product intended for? What presentation and marketing is required for it? And through which channels will you offer it? We like to think along with you.

  • Public Relations and Media

    We provide webshops with handy product sheets, ensure that your product is brought to the attention of relevant media and build your brand through smart PR. Online, but certainly also offline: through beautiful store design that suits your product, for example.

  • Influence & Social

    Social media are the perfect channels to bring smart home products to the attention of consumers. Advertisements, as well as videos or organic content help build and expand your brand.

  • Campaigns that work

    Shooting with hail is no use, targeted targeting all the more. Because an early adopter needs a different approach than someone who is taking his first steps in the field of smart home. That is why we set up campaigns in a smart way. We determine various target groups, who are only shown content that fits in with their perception of the world. This is how we arouse interest and stimulate engagement - and ultimately, a buying impulse.


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