Tile brand

With Tile, losing your belongings is a thing of the past. You can attach the Tile to valuables like keys, bags or wallets. Via the phone you can easily set off the Tile with one push of a button, so that your belongings can always be found. Tile is not only convenient, it is also the perfect business gift!

The brand Tile has several products in its range:

  • Tile Pro
  • Tile Mate
  • Tile Slim
  • Tile Pro Combo
  • Tile Mate+Slim

The benefits of Tile

We list the benefits of Tile for you:

Replaceable battery
Tile products have a replaceable battery. That means wherever you are you can use Tile and thus always find your belongings.

Most powerful volume and range
With Tile, finding your belongings becomes very easy. The bluetooth range and volume varies by product, but always far and loud enough to reunite you with your belongings.

Thoroughly tested
Tile's products have been through the drop test, squish test and tumble test and are extremely successful! Tile is a product that can handle your everyday life.

The specifications of Tile

Tile has the following specifications

Feature Pro Mate Slim
Color Black, White White White
Battery Type 1-yr Replaceable CR2032 1-yr Replaceable CR1632 1-yr Non-replaceable Enclosed Custom Battery
Range 300ft | 90m 150ft | 45m 100ft | 30m
Volume 3x 1,5x 1x
Dimension 42mm x 42mm x 6,5mm 35mm x 35mm x 6,2mm 54mm x 54mm x2,4mm
Weight 15,5g 7g 9,3g

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