The Neolab brand

Neolab brings together two worlds, old-fashioned writing and the new digital world. They have introduced a light and smart pen to the market. This gives a new dimension to writing notes because it combines writing and audio. Neolab offers the following products:

  • Neolab 3
  • Neolab Echo 2GB
  • Neolab Accessories
  • Neolab Support

The benefits of Neolab

There are many advantages to the Neolab Smartpen:

Everything is digital
The notes you take with the Neolab Smartpen can be transferred directly to your smartphone or tablet. All the created notes will then become visible in the Neolab+ app.

Combination of audio and writing
The Neolab Smartpen combines spoken word and handwritten notes. It has an audio recorder that can record a meeting. What you write down during the meeting and the audio recorded with the pen are merged based on the exact time.  

Easy to use
The Neolab Smartpen is very easy to use. For example, the ink is easy to replace and the pen can be recharged with a Micro USB Cable.


Neolab pens have won several awards, namely:

  • Popular Science of What's New 2008
  • Popular Mechanic 2008 by Breakthrough Award
  • MacWorld's "Best of Show" in 2009

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