The Nuki brand

Nuki came up with the innovative idea of replacing the old-fashioned bunch of keys with your smartphone, as this was still one of the last places that no smart solution had been developed for. Nuki's electric door lock automatically unlocks the door when you come home and securely locks again when you leave. The following products are in Nuki's range:

  • Smart Lock 3.0
  • Smart Lock 3.0 Pro
  • Opener
  • Keypad
  • Fob
  • Door Sensor
  • Bridge
  • Power Pack

The benefits of Nuki

There are a lot of advantages to the smart door lock from Nuki:

Always have the keys at hand
The Nuki Smart Lock is easily controlled via smartphone, so it's no longer a problem if you lose your keys. You never have to have keys duplicated or a lock replaced again.

Easy installation
The Nuki Smart Lock is easy to assemble in less than three minutes, as it is also possible to set or glue on the existing cylinder. In addition, the Smart Lock can be removed without leaving any residue. It is therefore also excellent for rental properties.

A secure home
When it comes to access to your home, security is obviously very important. Communication with the Smart Lock is therefore done via end-to-end encryption. This and more security standards are comparable to those of internet banking.

Remote control
Are you away from home but are friends or family at the door? The door can be opened remotely very easily. It is also possible to check who has entered the house while you yourself are in another place.


The Nuki Smart Lock is certified as a secure Smart Home product. The system meets AV-test security requirements and provides excellent protection against outside attacks.

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