This is Navstar

Twenty years of experience

For over twenty years Navstar has been ensuring that innovative products end up on (online) store shelves. Literally - by providing services for distribution - but above all by relieving retailers of the burden of signing, shelf arrangement and the right marketing for these products.

Know-how and connections

What started with two young dogs and a unique navigation system has now grown into a professional organization with the know-how and connections to get innovative products into stores. We do this by developing concepts, launching products, generating attention with clever PR and, of course, with an attractive store presentation and good availability. But it doesn't just stop at getting products into the stores; we also strive for sell-out. Because only when the customer has the product in his hands can he experience the convenience, comfort and/or savings for himself.

Driven by passion

At Navstar, we have one driving force: to bring smart home products to market that we believe in. Smart innovations that really help the consumer and products that can be used in practice. And to make sure that our products really offer added value, we test everything ourselves.

Value added distributor who thinks along conceptually

Because we only work with brands we believe in, retailers know they can only find high-quality products with us. We do more than just distribution: we add value through our excellent track record and expertise. For brands, but certainly also for retailers. And the standard term "value added distributor" doesn't suit us, at least that's not where it stops. We like to think further in terms of concepts together with brands and retailers in order to create the right experience in the store and with the consumer.


We make clear agreements with brands. By default we only work within the Benelux, not outside. In consultation more is possible, think of Germany, but only if we have approval for this. Together with the brands we determine which channels to approach and in what order. This demarcation ensures your exclusivity and focus. In addition, we support brands with the right figures and reports so that, as a brand, you always have the opportunity to make appropriate adjustments.

Let's talk

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