The AnyGrip brand

AnyGrip offers universal holders for all types and sizes of smartphones. The main difference with other universal holders is that the AnyGrip holders can be placed on any surface. Ideal for example on the dashboard of your car. AnyGrip has three different holders in its range, each with its own target group and function. The three variants are:

  • AnyGrip Stretchy
  • AnyGrip Sticky
  • Tablet AnyGrip

The benefits of AnyGrip

AnyGrip's universal holders have several advantages:

Available for a variety of smartphone brands and sizes, AnyGrip's holders stick to any surface.

Any surface
AnyGrip values innovation and therefore ensures that its holders always keep up with the times. The AnyGrip holders have the strongest suction cup in the world and are therefore quick and easy to place on any solid surface. The product leaves no residue.

Simple and easy to adjust
The holders are suitable for various sizes of smartphones, which is because the dimensions of the holders are easy to change. In addition, the holders can also be rotated 360 degrees.

Would you like a holder that is easy to maintain? AnyGrip is the solution! These holders are easily washable with water and can be dried with a cotton cloth. Long life guaranteed!

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